Papaya Siciliana matura - tutto l'anno in particolare - da Maggio a Novembre -


11 euros per kg

Fresh papaya ripens especially in the warmer months; in reality, however, the tree also produces fruit in other seasons, which is why we can almost always find it.

Papaya contains powerful antioxidants  such as  carotenoids  and  flavonoids,  and it is also an excellent source of  fiber.

Very similar to melon, fresh papaya from organic farming is a very thirst-quenching fruit   thanks to its high water content, it also has excellent nutritional properties because it is  very rich in vitamins A, vitamin C and vitamin P, it has a lot of fiber, very little fat and a low caloric intake.

Fresh papaya from organic farming, in addition to being  eaten as a snack  or  after a hearty meal to promote digestion , lends itself well to the preparation of  delicious extracts or smoothies , either alone or combined with other tropical fruits such as a mango or a pineapple , or combined with local fruits such as watermelon or melon. It also lends itself well to more sophisticated preparations, such as  spicy papaya salad or the preparation of desserts.

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